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High Elms Manor has appeared in a number of TV and feature films over the years. Sheila O'Neill is keen to support the arts, in particular film, which plays such an important role in the economy of the Eastern region..

Some of the productions filmed here include...

Nancherrow • Second Sight with Clive Owen • Longitude with Jeremy Irons • Madame Bovary • The Hoobs by Jim Henson • Photo shoot for Daily Mail • The Last Client • Featherboy with Sheila Hancock • Combat Sheep – Baby Cow Productions • Ultimate Force with Ross Kemp • Midsummer Murders (used three times) • The Schartz Metter Klume Method • Rosemary and Thyme: Enter Two Gardeners 2x • The Thieving Headmistress with Pauline Quirke • Chucklevision with the Chuckle Bros. • Clandestine • Eastenders • Holby City (used twice) • Little Miss Jocelyn • Invisible Eyes • Love at First Sight with John Hurt and Phyllida Law • In Clear Sight • Morgana • Musical Academy boot camp • Quick Cut - BBC 4 Comedy • BBC Documentary: Freddie Knoller • BBC 'After the Fall' Silent Witness

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